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Name:Makariy Nikolaevich Balakirev
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Makariy was born in Saint Petersburg back when Russia was still the USSR. His father was a jeweler and his mother a British missionary, but the household spoke exclusively Russian. His childhood, to a point, was normal and expected, until his father was requested to move to the boomtown of Pripyat.

It was a beautiful town, full of roses and prosperity, crafted just for the people who worked at the Chernobyl power plant. He went to a good school, but he always seemed to be just outside the main social circles. He was a very physical young man, always excelling at sports and active play, but his entire life changed on April 26, 1986, when reactor four at the Chernobyl plant exploded.

Pripyat wasn't evacuated until thirty-six hours later. Nikolai Balakirev pulled his family out of the city at the moment they were told to go, but it wasn't enough. Within the month, both he and his wife were dead from exposure, doing what they could to shield their son from the radiation's effects. Upon their deaths, he was sent to an orphanage in a village miles away, to the northwest of Moscow. There, he was shunned for being a Chernobylite, the children often making him stand outside after dark to see if he would glow.

His ostracism, however, didn't become too much bitterness. Makar used the opportunity, instead, to learn from some of the village's hunters and the workers at the nearby kolkhoz, swiftly becoming a quick and efficient hunter, versed with a blade and with a gun. It was while bringing in a kill at the age of sixteen that he was spotted by agents from what was once the KGB.

He'd grown into a tall, strong young man, showing no obvious effects from being exposed to Chernobyl's radiation. He was immediately taken into Moscow and made into a poster child of just how good the work of the liquidators was - if this boy from Pripyat could become so strong, then there was nothing to worry about. Even the streak in his hair was something he had been born with instead of from an injury.

Training for the SVR started immediately, his education slightly neglected - he had the necessary skills of subtlety and marksmanship. His dyslexia was easily overlooked in favour of his effectiveness in the field and how quickly he picked up languages. Soon, he was working assignment after assignment and given a nice apartment in Moscow for his efforts.

His most recent assignment was against the Organisation - a front for a terrorist group with plans for the radioactive materials within the Ukranian exclusion zone. Makar was made the sub-leader of a group of six that functioned within what's called the Wolves' Land between the Ukraine and Belarus and, through his dogged determination in pursuing the operatives sent in by the Organisation, gained the nickname волк тень - Shadow Wolf. He could walk alongside the wolves of the exclusion zone without being harmed. Some said that he spoke to them without words.

Makar never had a difficulty with his work until one night, he heard over the radio that a part of his group was being attacked and nearly killed by a single man. Immediately, he came to their aid to find that it was true. Some of them were unconscious on the ground, and others were being hit so hard that they were nearly bouncing off of the trees. The man attacking them was laughing as if the situation was a game. Makariy didn't even think before he ran in, a knife pulled from his boot to take the attacker's life.

Only after there was no doubt the man would die did the two Organisation operatives make themselves known. The large man was the developmentally disabled younger brother of the male operative who had had a constant rivalry with Talya. As he died, he asked his brother if he'd done well - and Makar realised he had killed an innocent. It took the will from him. He had killed before, and he knew he would likely kill again, but a mistake of this magnitude left him shaken. He was given leave, and eventually sent as a liaison officer to the FBI, to train in the ways American agents worked.

At one point, he was involved with his superior, Aleksandra (Shura) Lebedeva, but while he broke it off, she still believes them to be involved, no matter what he says. He has to cope with her insistence, even with a continent between them and his growing preference toward American culture.


Makariy is a roleplaying character and any resemblance to a person,
living or dead, is a coincidence. He was inspired by the character of
Merrick Baliton from Power Rangers Wild Force, and shares the face of
his actor, Philip Andrew. I claim no ownership of Merrick Baliton or
Philip Andrew, even if I do find him very hot. Both character and
player are over the age of 21. Questions or comments are welcome!
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